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Grey Haven Bath and Body

Cleansing Tea Tree Facial Toner

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Toner is recommended for use after washing face, and prior to applying other creams & serums. For our Grey Haven line of skincare, suggested order of application would be washing face, toner, glow spray, followed by SPF and/or our smoothing face cream.

As someone who has dealt with sensitive, oily, and blemish prone skin since my pre-teen years (and wears a full face of makeup almost daily), this became my new daily staple in my skin care routine. Where other toners I've used either had little effect, caused more breakouts, or created burns on my skin, our tea tree toner has not only cleared my skin better than it's been since my childhood years, but it has also brightened my complexion overall and combats the appearance of fine lines.


🍋 Witch hazel: reduces skin irritation & fights breakouts, astringent
🍓 Tea Tree floral water: antibacterial, regulates skin tone, fights blemishes
🍋 Mango extract: prevents fine lines, maintains skin elasticity
🍓 Strawberry extract: soothes & tones skin, minimizes pores
🍋Apple cider vinegar powder: gently cleans & exfoliates skin, regulates skin pH, naturally contains malic acid