Our Story

My story begins as a child, watching and helping my mother make candles in our kitchen and selling them at local markets near our home in British Columbia. As I started my university years, I followed in her footsteps experimenting with my own candle making. Many years, wax explosions, and burns later, I wondered how my mom always made it look so easy to make them!

In time, my candle experiments expanded into more products, and I met my wonderful partner who was more than happy to humor (if not join in), my mad scientist experiments in the kitchen. Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family always included an assortment of our latest candle and bath bomb creations to test out.

Looking back, even then our core values involved creating the best products for all skin types, while still being aesthetically fun, affordable, and responsibly made. There were successes and failures along they way as we constantly looked to improve our practice. But with each misstep, we learned and improved....no more smurf-blue nieces!

Today we run our company out of our home with our three cats, and hold true to those same values that started us on this path. We are so thankful to those who supported us throughout the years, as well as all we have learned and been able to share with others during this process. We look to the future and cannot wait to see what new knowledge, successes, and failures, lie on the horizon.