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Grey Haven Bath and Body

Soy Blend Candles

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A bold mix of guava, apple, and pear, combined with grapefruit essential oil makes this an irresistible combo.

A rich and warm fragrance made of pomegranate, dewberry, and rose. Perfect on its own or paired with our Hades Bath Bomb!

A tranquil blend with notes of bergamot, agave nectar, coconut milk, and fresh ocean spray.

A warm woody scent with amber, cardamom, white musk, rosewood, and top note of Tahitian vanilla

A light woodsy scent with notes of red cedar, moss, and eucalyptus! *Would fall under category of cologne styled scent.

Juicy pomegranate combined with tangy green apple, and sweet raspberries, this scent is reminiscent of the perfect summer drink.

Warm notes of coconut and vanilla, combined with fresh desert ghost flower and subtle notes of amber.

A traditional wood wick soy and palm blend in an amber 9oz jar with metal lid. Has ~30 hours of burn time.

Wood Wick Candle Care FAQ:

  • Always burn until full melt pool is achieved
  • Regularly trim wick for best flame (easily broken char on wick)
  • If wick has been trimmed too short/getting flooded, use paper towel to soak up liquid wax around wick. Repeat until desired flame is achieved. 

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